Thursday, 10 December 2009

Lex Cook You Eat!

As of January 2012, I won't be running our secret supper club anymore. There may be the odd collaboration with fabulous foodie friends, and I'll email the mailing list about those.

We had such fun hosting the supper club in our home both in Islington and then in Hoxton. Over the two years we hosted suppers we met some wonderful people and really loved welcoming everyone into our home. Hopefully, we'll do something similar again in the future.
We hosted 10 suppers at our flat in Islington and here's what some of our lovely guests said:
In our smaller flat in Hoxton we hosted about 20 suppers. Here's what some of our guests have said:
Kitchen Confidential (this was a private supper)
Kavey Eats (our special gingerbread-house-making Christmas supper club)
Afternoon Tease
Kitchen Conversations
Hot & Chilli (this was a supper club hosted in conjunction with Hubbub)

Our supper club also featured in, and was photographed for this article by Reuters.

Thanks for your interest in, and support of, our supper club.


Margaret said...

Live too far away to attend but good luck!
My son used to live in Islington and I'm sure it will be a success for you. I'll send the link to him!

Lex said...

Thanks Margaret! Very kind of you!

Lauren T Franks said...

Im away for sitting nbr1 but save me a seat on number 2! xxx

Helen Yuet Ling Pang said...

Wow! All the best with this exciting venture! I'm sure it will be fantastic...

foodrambler said...

Woo hoo congratualations Lex! I'd love to reserve a place for the 15th Jan. Am asking my other three rambling ladies now, so possibly 4 of us if there's room? xx

Lex said...

Thanks FoodRambler! I've sent an email to your Rambling email.

Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...


Sounds great - would love to come - and I'm from Islington too! Do you have room for 2? (It might be 4 but I need to check)



Lex said...

Hi Ros

Thanks for your message. Which night are you looking at? Would love to meet some local Islington-ites!

Angeli cooks from mycaribbeanfood:) said...

Do you have any more room for the 29th Jan? if so could you reserve 2 for me?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lex, my name is Zoe and I am in Y's Band, we have decided we would like to do a big band gathering at your next free secret supper which I believe isnt until march! could we book ourselves in there please, it will definitely be 7 of us and hopefully more once Y emails around for availability! it all sounds amazing we are so excited, i hope you can squeeze us in! thanks Zoe

The London Foodie said...

Hi Lex,

Could I pls book four places for your April 2010 supper club evening? I am also in Islington.

Pls let me know.



Kavey said...

All fully booked? Oh pooks. I'd be interested in your April/ next open date too, please. THANKS

Marisa Leaf said...

Thank you for such a wonderfully warm welcome and a sensational secret supper on Saturday! It was a lovely evening and, I hope, the first of many. Marisa x

Dangerous Variable said...

Very nice home cafe you have there :)

COME · CON · ELLA said...

hi. are you likely to be doing anything around the weekend of 5th december. looking for a nice supper club for my husband's birthday.

liz said...


When is your next supperclub? we would love to come!
Liz x

Lex said...

Hi Liz - will be setting new dates very soon.
If you want to send me an email I can add you to the mailing list.


HJI said...

Hi Lex,

Can you please add me to the mailing-list? Is there any chance your hosting at April 9th? Hope so, would be great experience your cuisine!

Zoe Christodoulides said...

Hi Lex,

Would you be able to host a dinner for 20 on a Saturday night in August?



Lex said...

Hi Zoe - my apologies, I've only just seen your comment.
Our apartment only seats about 12 so won't be big enough sorry.
Check out the Fans of Underground Restaurants sites and hopefully you find a bigger supper club.
Good luck!

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