Monday, 25 July 2011

Happy Birthday Moro

Last weekend I read an article in the Sunday Times about fashion bloggers and how they get paid consultancy gigs, the chance to design their own fashion label, business class flights to cover fashion shows. But let's say you were offered all this OR these three beautiful cookbooks from the gorgeous London restaurant, Moro? It's a no-brainer right? You'd go with the cookbooks every time. Why? Because they're BRILLIANT, that's why.

I love all food, but I particularly love food that can be shared easily and food using loads of gorgeous spices. I cook a lot of Moroccan and Turkish inspired food, so when I discovered not only Moro the restaurant, but the cookbook, I was hooked. Moro food is a natural, delicious mix of Spanish, North African and East Mediterranean cuisines, and most importantly, it's divine.

Last year for my birthday I went to Moro and was given Moro: The Cookbook. Since then I've used it constantly, especially for supper clubs - it complements perfectly the two Ottolenghi books, my Claudia Roden "Arabesque" book, and a couple of things I picked up at a cooking class in Marrakech.

It's difficult to narrow it down but I'd say my number one favourite Moro recipe ... my top two recipes from the Moro book ... without a doubt the best 3 recipes ... my absolute 4 Moro dishes ... undoubtedly the best 5 ... my 6 most loved and cooked recipes from Moro: The Cookbook are these:

1. Flatbreads - I would have made these at least 20 times over the past year. They are divine. Sprinkled generously with dukkah and sea salt, you can't go wrong. It's almost insulting how much people rave about these at the expense of other food I've cooked that took far longer to prepare!

2. Pistachio sauce - I've served it with cod or salmon, stirred through couscous, with roast lamb, with olive oil crackers on a cheese platter. Oh and I've eaten it straight from the container with a spoon. Need I say more?

3. Aubergine and red pepper salad with caramelised butter and yoghurt. Yes, you read that correctly, CARAMELISED BUTTER. Do you even need to read the rest of this? I've made this plenty of times and it's such a pretty dish, either as part of a feast or simply slathered on flatbreads. Did I mention the caramelised butter?

4. Beetroot dip - this recipe actually comes from the Moro East book. It's such a gorgeously vibrant colour and is truly divine. I served it recently at a brunch supper club with twice baked goats cheese souffles and garlicky white beans (below) - may sound strange, but the beetroot works wonderfully with the goats cheese.

5. Lamb kibbeh cooked in yoghurt - If I were allowed a table heaving with dishes for my last meal, this would be one of them. This is partly because it takes a while to make, but mainly because it's delicious. You have to make lamb meatballs in football shapes and they are then stuffed with a gorgeous lamb filling that has spices and pine nuts and herbs. The lamb footballs then cook in yoghurt. I love them and so have our supper club guests. 

6. Walnut, lemon & cardamom cake - I wrote about this here when I made it. It's good. It's really good. Admittedly the people at my work will hoover up anything, but they really did enjoy this cake when I took it in for morning tea.

So, why the gushing post? Well, it's 10 years since the first publication of Moro: The Cookbook. To celebrate, the publishers are re-issuing all three of the books (the other two are Casa Moro and Moro East, which have previously only been available in hard cover) in paperback and with these quite exquisite new covers. Truly, they are gorgeous.

In the upcoming weeks I'll be cooking from Casa Moro and Moro East as these are new to me. I'll of course let you know what further deliciousness I uncover.

The books are available from 4 August here on Amazon (check to make sure you've got the ones with 4.8.2011 publication date), and can be shipped anywhere (yes you can even have them delivered to Sydney!). BUT, it can't have escaped your notice that I now have TWO copies of Moro: The Cookbook. So, as much as it pains me, because this re-issued addition is so lovely, I'd like to share the love a little and give it away. If you'd like to win the special birthday edition of Moro: The Cookbook, leave a comment with your email address and tell me which of my top 6 recipes from the Moro book you'd make first. But do it quickly before I change my mind! I'll pick a winner at random on Monday 1 August and send the book to you, where ever in the world you are.

Good luck and happy birthday to the Moro cookbook!


Miss Whiplash said...

Oooh - yes please! Flatbreads first for me, I think. Closely followed by beetroot and then perhaps the aubergine... And the lamb :-)
Am extremely tempted to hit Amazon right now for these, though it's going to stretch my one-in-one-out cookbook policy somewhat...

thelittleloaf said...

I LOVE love love Moro the restaurant and the cookbooks. My Mum has them all so used to cook from them all the time when I lived at home. Now I have to sneak over and copy out'd make my day (and my Mum's!) if I won a copy. Which dish would I make? If I can't say all of them then probably the pistachio sauce as I've not made it before. Yum!

Miss Mary said...

Hello! Flatbreads for me please! Delicious :)

I love Moro, it's absolutely one of my favourite restaurants in London ever since my boyfriend took me there on an early date :)


Food Urchin said...

I would have to go for the aubergine and red pepper salad with caramelised butter and yoghurt, bloody gorgeous.

And my old copy of Moro: The Cookbook is rather ragged and torn so a new shiny one would be lovely.

miss south said...

I hate peppers. Hate them with the passion of a thousand firey suns and the determination of a stroppy six year old not allowed to leave the dinner table til the plate is clear.

But I actually want to make the red pepper and aubergine salad ...that is the power of well described caramalised butter.

I'm also going to have to have lunch an hour and half early now. even though I have none of these lovely dishes to hand.

Hugh said...

Lamb kibbeh as I'm a carnivore. Was at Moro (again) only last Friday. Their bread is amazing. The Wood roasted chicken also ticks the boxes. I need this to go with my signed copy of Moro East ;)

chloe said...

I'd have to choose the flatbread, as I'm a complete breadaholic and I'm looking to perfect a great version for this type of cuisine. This one looks fab!

I'd have to serve it with some of the pistachio sauce though as that sounds irresistible too!

I'd love to win the book as those recipes sound amazing and I'm sure there are many more where they came from.

The Shed said...

I'm hard pushed between the aubergine and the lamb, therefore I would make both! And invite you, heh.

I have all three already, and am rather attached to my copies (I worked hard to stick all those pages together with ingredients!), so please don't include me in the competition, I just wanted to comment as it's such a well written post.


Alice Little said...

It would have to be the lamb kibbeh, judging by the prevalence of lamb in my top favourite recipes list. It would surely be a winner in this household. However, my mouth is watering at everything and I've only just eaten...

Email is: frolickingfoodie [at]

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Sydneysider, and (you) remembering where the heart is, the Moro flatbreads which have already been tried and tested in Oz,are a winner for me, and besides, the cookbook would fit very nicely with my Ottolenghi books, one of which was a lovely gift from my daughter ..... xxS

Benn said...

If it was dining for one, it would be the lamb kibbeh, because it's the one item on that list that I've never had, or had anything similar with the yoghurt.

If it's for Kel, being the sweet tooth she is, I'd make the walnut cake.

Actually, I'm finally going to Moro in a few weeks time. Been on the list and haven't gotten around to it, so your post is quite timely!

tori said...

Ok, I'd love the beetroot dip. The only thing that goes better with beetroot than goat's cheese is kangaroo. I'd use the recipe as a garnish for kangaroo fillets and a really bitter green salad... (though probably need to wait until we move back to Sydney to really give that one a twirl)

Melissa said...

I feel that it's unfair to enter as 1) I'm your best friend, 2) You are godmother to my children and 3) you gave me the Moro cook book for Christmas which i LOVE (is it wrong that a simple carrot and cumin recipe is one of my favorites???) Can't wait for the Casa Moro and Moro East posts!! Might just have to jump on Amazon now!! Xo

facecook said...

oooeee the pepper and aubergine salad and the caramellized butter.. caramellized butter should be a perfume..if fact this dish is so fabulous, it should just be worn! Want you both to come back for a 'Marrakech anniversary' in October, there are things to cook over stones in the desert x I would be one big thrill if I won the book!

Louis said...

I'm going to have to go with the Beetroot dip followed by the Kibbeh.

I'm obsessed with the Moro East book and it's been top of my list for a long time (just haven't had the funds to go out and purchase it).

Their Exmouth market presence is dominant and I look forward to when I will eat at Morito again.

KB said...

Everything looks amazing but I am going to have to go with the lamb. Because I've never cooked lamb before, even though I adore it, and I need help!

Thank you for this, it's very generous of you.

The Sediment Blog said...

Actually, if no-one wants them, can we have the paid consultancy gigs and the business class flights?

May said...

I would make the beetroot dip. Can't get enough ways to cook with beetroot.

If any of the recipes turn out as well as that Moroccan feast you cooked us at your supper club, it's a winner.

FoodaHolic said...

For me it would have to be the lamb kibbeh, with the beetroot and the flat breads to soak it all up! Yummy!!
Surprisingly, the Moro Cookbook is one of the few cookbooks I don't have .. a signed copy would be cheerished *begs*

Lex said...

Thanks all for entering and leaving your lovely comments!

I've drawn the winner at random and the winner is Chloe! The Moro book is on its way to you!

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