Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A tiny shed, filled to the gills with seafood

See this shed? There's gold in that shed, there is. Gold plucked straight from the sea, not metres away, not hours ago.

This is Company Shed, on Mersea Island, about 2 hours drive from London (if you live east side). Here, two brilliant ideas merge to create something so simple and so deliciously pleasing.

Concept number 1 - the picnic. Imagine, if you will, the perfect picnic. Then remember you live in England. Solution? Host a picnic indoors - on tables covered in plastic tablecloths, each adorned with a roll of kitchen towel. Provide wine glasses and the odd bottle opener, even plates and cutlery, but otherwise let people bring their own bread, wine, condiments.

Concept number 2 - seafood. The shed is situated within an oyster schuck of the sea. So they have access to the best and freshest seafood. Seafood is what they do. And nothing else.

Combine 1 with 2, and what do you get? An indoor picnic where you bring everything except the seafood. I know. Say it with me. BRILLIANT.

Oh and did I mention the price? We (three) carried our bursting bellies out of that shed, and all the seafood you see came to £45. All up.

My advice, get there early, put your name down, drive back to the village, take a stroll (duck into the Cake Hole deli/cafe) and take cash. The rest you can work out yourself, for it's not rocket science. It's perfectly, wonderfully simple.

See review also from Shed Likes Food.