Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pom Poms galore!

The world has gone crazy for pom poms! Everyone's banging on about how they're the next "big thing" - attached to beanies, shoes, bags, you name it.  This annoys me.  I was onto this at least six months ago - this isn't just a band wagon I've jumped on; I was there chopping down the trees to build the wagon.  (note, obviously I know that pom poms haven't just been invented - like most people, I made them with cardboard rings at school, but they do now seem to be "back").

In about October last year I bought a fabulous pom pom making device (see the photo above, and here on Amazon) - I was dubious this was necessary and thought I could rely on the cardboard method to create fluffly wool magic, but for £5 and swayed by rave Amazon reviews, I purchased the life changing pom pom maker! It means you can create pom poms in no time and in two sizes.  Most people's dream come true - surely? 

I made small red pom poms as little tails for some soft toys I made for my growing tribe of neices, nephews and god children.  Then I made a large grey pom pom and attached it to my beanie.  Then ... well ... then I was desperate to keep making them and ... ummm ... attached them all the way around the hem of this checked skirt I inherited from my grandma.  Yes, it's a tad crazy, but it's a bit of fun.  Everyone else will be wearing them in 6 months time.  Just wait.

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